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Gold Package
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The Golden Package includes the classic Citytour with a visit at the princely Winery with a Winetasting (2 Glas of Wine).

After the beautiful “Städtletour” a native and competent tour guide from Liechtenstein will join you for the tour “Tracking the Royal Family”. At the “Liechtenstein Landesmuseum” you will learn more about the story of the Royals of Liechtenstein over the centuries: What is the real origin of the Princely Family? How did the Princes come to todays' Principality? What role did Napoleon play for the family and the land of Liechtenstein?

After a short introduction to the Chamber of Liechtenstein you will discover this unique museum by your own. Under the title “From a Principality to the world and into the universe” you will discover a representative selection of treasures of the royal collection such as artworks of precious materials, historic weapons, evocative presents of kings and emperors like Friedrich II and the Great or Emperor Joseph II.

A special treasure from the Liechtenstein native Adolf Peter Goop is the selection of the famous “Fabergé Easter Egg Collection” which is unique in its diversity. Conspicuous is the abundance of valuable Russian Easter eggs, including the internationally well-known “Fabergé Apple Blossom Egg” as well as a variety of other eggs of Fabergé and other goldsmiths.

Another beloved highlight: The Moon Stones from Apollo Missions 11 and 17. Certainly, you will not miss the famous draft of Liechtenstein's first postal stamp designed by Koloman Moser.

All included

  • Classic Tour
  • Wine tasting
  • Princes & Treasures


  • Small groups up to 20 Persons CHF 750.00
  • Groups 21 pax and more per Person CHF 37.50
  • Children 4 - 16 years CHF 5.00